About Kathy Gates

Kathy GatesBorn and raised in Sydney, Kathy lives in Hobart – it’s like Sydney but smaller and the food and wine are better. Plus everything is close, including some of the best walking tracks.

Until January 2015 Kathy worked in marketing where she enjoyed making up stories; writing fiction seemed an obvious career move.

She published her novella, Juliet’s Journey in July 2016. Juliet’s Journey is set in the northern Italian village of Baiardo where the heroine, Juliet, has gone for peace and quiet. She falls in love with the place and finds herself caught up in a fight to save the village from losing its soul.

Kathy is working on a novel set in Rome.  The main character is an Australian journalist who is meant to be taking a break from the daily grind; then she stumbles across a few juicy secrets and just can’t help herself.

You will find Kathy’s non-fiction writing on Boomercafe and Amreading.com.



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